• I am an Indie Dev - Part 3

    It has been a long time since I last wrote about my journey of becoming (or, attempting to become) an independent iOS developer. In fact, given that the last post in this series was written in September 2014, it has been exactly two years. Considering many have written to me since that time asking about the next part, and since so much has happend since then, I thought it about time I finally wrote that update :)

  • Making it as an Indie Developer

    Again there is talk around the blogosphere about the difficulty of making it as an indie developer.

  • How to make a game like candy crush tutorial: OS X port

    Head on over to the Ray Wenderlich tutorial site to view my latest tutorial, How to make a game like Candy Crush tutorial: OS X port. This tutorial explains how to take an existing iOS-only Sprite Kit based game and turn it into a cross-platform iOS and OS X game.

  • Swift TextKit Tutorial

    Over on the Ray Wenderlich tutorial site, my recent update to the TextKit tutorial has been posted. This update brings the tutorial up to date with the latest developments in iOS 8, as well as rewrites all of the code examples into Swift.

  • I am an Indie iOS Developer - Part 2

    This is the second part of my story about becoming an indie iOS developer. Read part one.

  • I am an Indie iOS Developer

    Back in July, Brent Simmons asked “Who at the Table is an Indie iOS Developer?” I’d like to put my hand up.

  • Reflections on WWDC 2014

    Last week was an interesting week. After posting up My wishes and predictions the day before the opening keynote, I waited with expectation to see what Apple would announce. Being in Australia, the keynote was to begin at 3am. I set my alarm for 2:50am (yes, I had to watch it live!), got up, put on the live stream on my AppleTV, and waited for it to begin.

  • WWDC 2014 - My wishes and predictions

    Having read others’ predictions and collections of predictions in various places on the web, it seemed good to me, my own excellent readers, to outline what I myself predict and wish for in this year’s World Wide Developer Conference.

  • Multipeer Connectivity Resources - Community

    These are various tutorials/how-tos, etc, available on the web, produced by the iOS development community. I plan on updating this post as/when I find more resources. Please get in contact if you have any resources you’d like to contribute to this list.

  • Multipeer Connectivity Resources - Apple

    Before we get going in earnest with discussion about the details of multipeer networking on iOS, I thought it would be useful as a reference to list the various resources available to developers. This post concentrates on official Apple resources. The following post will provide links to various community resources available online.

  • Introduction to Multipeer Connectivity

    I’ve been working on some functionality for my SongSheet app that requires painless ad-hoc networking. As such I’ve chosen to utilise the new-with-iOS 7 Multipeer Connectivity framework.

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to my blog where I’ll be mainly talking about issues around iOS and Mac development. Why another blog on these topics when there are so many out there already?

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