Welcome to my blog where I’ll be mainly talking about issues around iOS and Mac development. Why another blog on these topics when there are so many out there already?

Because none of those blogs are mine.

I’ve been working primarily as an iOS developer for the past several years after many years as a Java developer. I enjoyed working with Java, but I am enjoying Objective-C a lot more. I also enjoy experimenting in areas not many others may have travelled, and it may be of interest to others if I document some of that stuff here. (Case in point, some years ago I was writing Java classes in VP assembly language on the now defunct Tao’s Intent platform.) I hope that as much as I have learned from the wider development community, I can contribute something back.

As to the blog itself: for now it is hosted on the excellent GitHub Pages using Jekyll for static site generation. I have no interest in allowing comments on the blog itself, but I welcome dialog either through direct email or via Twitter, etc.